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Tsubasa Budogu Entry Line
of Kendo Bogu models are an excellent option for everyone with a tight budget, particularly for those looking for a beginner set or an "interchangeable between practices" set. In comparison with our made-to-order Japanese line of Bogu models (called Tsubasa Brand), these are way more simple and standard in terms of design, but great in terms of affordability, without losing the cost-effective component. 

The Tsubasa Budogu Entry series concept consists in offering a model that works great in terms of performance without the high costs and complexity we found in the more innovative Tsubasa Brand models. Nonetheless, these are made with great materials too, just not made in Japan (to lower the costs!). Perfect for practitioners of any level, particularly for those who are starting Kendo or just want to spend less for a decent quality equipment.

The main reason to offer a more economic line of products, besides the main innovative Tsubasa Brand line of models, is to support the starting Kendo community (which simultaneously helps to increase the Kendo population), by reaching out to those in need of a great value equipment at the beginning of their journey, without getting a silly looking gear (because the appearance also matters for us, and we believe is a very important aspect in Kendo as well!). Some Budogu-shops sell very good entry level models within Japan, but not so many for the international market, with many shops offering a low quality Bogu embellished with sofisticated words in the product's description, oftenly describing nothing new, for a similar price compared to better options. To counter this issue, we suggest to directly try out and feel the gear if possible (we know many times is impossible, if nobody owns one near you), or to observe closely the pictures and details and ask in case of any doubts, but never to be foolished with the descripotion's "wording" alone, which many times does not say too much, and usually are just basic models but with different terms, or made up names.

We think affordable options are good enough to do Kendo well nowadays, but for those who want to invest a little more on something more premium, that last longer, while supporting the professionals behind each design and each stitch, as well as the study, originality and work behind Tsubasa Brand, we recommend to check our Made in Japan line up too.


BASIC model is a cleverly designed 6mm Gunome-Nanamezashi in Orizashi (Keikogi-like woven fabric) with some synthetic leather reinforcements, specially on the Kote's fist. Cost-effective and easy-to-maintain; Quick drying, somewhat lightweight but with enough padding on the corresponding areas for a proper protection. The Kote are reinforced on the areas where friction tends to occur the most. The palm are brown Ultrasuede, and the Herikawa is Clarino. The overall Bogu Futon is made with Gunome stitching to improve durability where is needed the most (like on the end parts of the Men and Kote-Buton). It has a simple yet smart appearance, and you can shape the Mendare and both sides of the Ōdare easily. The Tare has a layer of Orizashi fabric protecting the sides of the Obi from where the Himo starts, and Clarino reinforcement on the corners of each plate. The Futon's cushion in general is a top-notch Felt, thicker on the hitting areas. The Mengane is Duralumin; a durable, flexible and light-weight alloy, very popular among nowadays Kendo equipment. The Koshi (or "body") of the Futon feels a little tighter compared with the STARTER and ADVANCE models, due to the Gunomezashi (3mm) on some parts, but on the other hand, it grants more protection than the STARTER model thanks to the bumps with the less compressed cushion on the hitting areas (6mm). Overall, a well balanced model, leaning more towards protection and durability compared to the STARTER model, and a little tighter but more affordable compared with the ADVANCE model. 

* The BASIC model in a nutshell: Simple but effective design for an affordable price. 

* This is a multipurpose Bogu model, but most recomended for normal training.

Maintenance: After each use, just spray some water on the Futon (cotton-fabric, not the leather) areas where sweat concentrated the most, and let the Futon dry before the next use. Also stretch the Tenouchi (palms) so they don't dry having wrinkles on its surface, which could lead to holes. In case of dry weather, it is recomended to spray water droplets before using the gear, only on the futon area, and apply (and let dry before use) Mink Oil or Leather Cream on the palms one time per 2 weeks or when you feel it's necessary. (!) Do not expose the Bogu to direct sunlight for prolongated time. (!) If you wash your Bogu parts, avoid submerging it or directly watering the Menbuchi (the outer ring made of black lacquered leather, where the Mengane or metal cage is connected to the Futon). And remember, a very dry Bogu in dry weather will lose its fabric-flexibility, becoming prone to break apart.


We make a quality check after the products are finished at the workshop and before preparing the shipment, but in case that something was overlooked or one of the products from another maker has some kind of malfunction, and if you find any trouble with your purchase after receiving it, contact us immediately to help you out. If you think there is a problem after using all the purchased items for a while, you can also write to us, and we will analyze your case to check if we could offer you a solution in the way of repair, exchange, refund or a compensation in case it corresponds depending of the problem. But please be aware that not only all the protective gear that is used wrongly or in extreme situations will be damaged. Due to the normal use (sweat, friction, hits) and to the weather (direct sunlight, dryness, humidity) impacts over time, it is assumed that the condition of the product will decrease. Before contacting us, take the aforementioned into consideration, and if we found out the cause or reason of the problem is not due to a defective product or manufacture error, there will be no replacement, repair, refund or compensation whatsoever. *Products that have been subject to embroidery or customizations are not eligible for return, but can be repaired if necessary.
Main Materials:
(Thailand, China, Korea, Japan) Cotton fabric, Orizashi (thick woven cotton), Clarino
Laos (some Do & Dodai are assembled in Japan)
Tsubasa Budogu
Tsubasa Budogu (entry level)
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