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Unique hand made Resin Tsuba (sample) for Shinai.
This is a product made in collaboration with the Ensō Workshop; the artist behind this original work is Daniel N. Apostu, teacher at the Faculty of Arts in Romania, also a Kendo and Iaido practitioner. His work can be described as an artistic approach of the Tsuba for Shinai and Bokuto, based on japanese motifs. Each piece is handcrafted individually, and due to the nature of the making process, there are no two products alike, each piece is unique. Perfect for a special gift, decorative item or just for collection. They also can be used for normal practices!

* This item is part of the first sample batch and will differ from the final product version, mostly because some features, such as size, diameter (and more), have been corrected for the new batches, which is why this one is sold at a special discounted price.

* They might have surface imperfections due to the handcrafting process, but they also may have inconsistencies in other areas, such as the fitting (to the Shinai or Bokuto). So take a look over all of the photographs we have carefully shot in order to capture and show the exact condition of the item.

* Scratches and micro-damages to the surface of the Tsuba may emerge during training. When not in use, we recommend keeping them in the original packaging to avoid damage.

* Do not leave them in direct sunlight or in extremely hot environments.

* If it doesn't fit your Bokuto, don't force it; otherwise a white residue (from the friction of the resin) might stain the wood (in case it happens, we recommend to clean it or remove it with a cloth or towel).

* In case you utilize it for normal practices: On some Tsuba, particularly the ones for Bokuto, the stamped logo may produce friction on your index finger, so we recommend to try it first at home before going to practice with them to prevent hurting your finger.

* They are able to endure direct strikes from Shinai and Bokuto, however if cracks or tiny ruptures emerge, we recommend to stop using it for regular practices.

This is an outlet product: Note that the item cannot be replaced nor exchanged. We do not accept returns of outlet products. By purchasing it you acknowledge that even in the case of any imperfection, malfunction or defect, this item will not be refunded.
Main Material:
Diameter (hole): 36 x 23 mm / Thickness: 9 mm
Fabric package
Outlet product:
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