Hasuji Control: POWER Type ♂ Shinai - TSUBASA COPPER

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Special Tsuka (Hasuji Control) Koto Tsukabuto Shinai.
Tsubasa Budogu proudly presents its original Shinai models line up, Tsubasa Brand!

Tsubasa Copper, HASUJI CONTROL: POWER TYPE is a Koto (straight body), Keichiku Shinai with an original shaved Tsuka (grip). It comes assembled with a hand-sewed Gin Tsukagawa. Tsubasa Copper helps to grasp the blade's angle (Hasuji) pointing sensation on the left hand, which is shaved with a Hakkaku-Koban (octagonal oval) shape, and a 30mm thick round grip on the right hand, changing the gravity center towards the tip of the Shinai, which grants "automatic" powerful strikes.

It certainly requires time and practice to get use to this particular grip, but we think it can become a massive tool for high ranked Kendoka. At the beginning, we recommend to notice the strength of the left hand and avoid overusing the right hand when holding and striking with this Shinai, which could become a tendency due to its balance.

If compared to Tsubasa Emerald (Hasuji control, motion type) which has a thin Kensaki, giving the urge of moving the tip around, Tsubasa Copper would feel the opposite, as if the weight of the tip is pulling the Shinai down and forward, giving you a firm and steady Kamae sensation.

* Recommended for: Training, but once you get used to it could become a multipurpose Shinai. Excellent for a Kendo style focused on Seme and power strikes, particularly when moving the body forward but keeping down the tip with solid Kamae. Great for few techniques on the right time or right opportunity, such as Debana-Men, with proper Hasuji.

* LIMITED EDITION Grip Variation: 28mm maximum thickness & Short grip, making the balance even more towards the tip, so the techniques lands more powerfully, and the Shinai itself will give a "pulling you forward" feeling while in Kamae. (Special price! Available until out of stock!)

* SSP Approval: This Shinai follows the actual All Japan Kendo Federation designated regulations.

* The size of Tsuba/Tsubadome set is designated by the Shinai size when the option for adding them is selected. If you want to buy a specific size of Tsuba/Tsubadome set, you need to purchase them as a separate item.

* Assembled Shinai; Leather fittings/parts included.

Shinai specifications - FIK reglementary Table
Specification Gender Junior High School
(12–15 yrs)
Senior High School
(15–18 yrs)
University students and Adults
Max. length Male & Female 114cm 117cm 120cm
Shinai size Male 37 Boy 38 High-school Boy 39 Men
Female 37 Girl 38 High-school Girl 38 Women / 39 Women
Min. weight Male 440g 480g 510g
Female 400g 420g 440g
Shinai must be measured and weighed assembled with the leather fittings, but without tsuba or tsuba-dome.


We make a quality check after the products are finished at the workshop and before preparing the shipment, but in case that something was overlooked or one of the products from another maker has some kind of malfunction, and if you find any trouble with your purchase after receiving it, contact us immediately to help you out. If you think there is a problem after using all the purchased items for a while, you can also write to us, and we will analyze your case to check if we could offer you a solution in the way of repair, exchange, refund or a compensation in case it corresponds depending of the problem. But please be aware that not only all the protective gear that is used wrongly or in extreme situations will be damaged. Due to the normal use (sweat, friction, hits) and to the weather (direct sunlight, dryness, humidity) impacts over time, it is assumed that the condition of the product will decrease. Before contacting us, take the aforementioned into consideration, and if we found out the cause or reason of the problem is not due to a defective product or manufacture error, there will be no replacement, repair, refund or compensation whatsoever. * In case of bamboo and wood products (Shinai, Bokuto, Suburito), designated weight and their surface's condition might change during the shipping due to moisture/humidity changes that may occur while handled or stored by the couriers and while traveling to your place for delivery. Natural raw materials, specially bamboo, might present imperfections such as color change, dark spots and other visible details that are perfectly normal; these do not represent any problem in terms of durability. Also, many of our Shinai have a layer of wax or oil finishing, thus residues may be found on the bamboo. For this reason, we suggest to clean these kind of products with a cloth before using them the first time. And in case of small deterioration on the surface due to dryness, we recommend to put (only on the bamboo or wood areas) a layer of vegetable-oil after polishing with sandpaper, if necessary.
Main Materials:
Taiwanese bamboo, leather
Bamboo Type:
Tsuka (Grip) Type:
Left hand: Hakkaku-Koban (octagonal-oval). Right hand: Round Tsukabuto (thick round grip)