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Tsubasa Brand 
is a line of innovative Kendo Bogu models made to your size, in Japan.

The Tsubasa Brand Bogu series concept consists in offering a clever cut and effective design, to make the "only one Bogu set is enough for everything" statement possible, but also to make the user love wearing it due to the balance in durability, protection, comfort and apearance, which is the result of making the best use of the techniques and skills of the already experienced artisan out there, utilizing a selection of materials that do the job, but leaving the posibility of customizing or enhacing them if the customer feels like it.

We consider this line of products to be on top of the standard machine stitched Bogu in general, since it requires not only good materials and skillfully artisans to craft these pieces of art, but also the expert work of designing which comes from the combination of Kendo and Kendogu knowledge and the proper method of making Bogu and its materials, without forgetting the customer's budget.

Nowadays is easy to find affordable options which are good enough to practice Kendo, and we offer this kind of products too (Tsubasa Budogu's entry level models). However, for those who want to invest a little more on something we think is way better, while supporting the professionals behind each design and artisans behind each stitch, as well as the study, originality and work behind Tsubasa Brand, we cannot recommend it enough! 

(Golden Lion) is an original Tsubasa brand model made specifically to protect. It features a thick and longer Futon, with enough cushion and bumpy surface thanks to the wide wave-pattern stitching and short pitch, perfect for everyday practice. Manufactured with smoked deerskin (brown) reinforcements and Tenouchi, and an outside layer of white Orizashi (thick woven cotton fabric) covering the Kote-Buton. 

KINJISHI model can be customized to have more cushion on the fist; to have a smooth cotton fabric layer covering the Futon instead of Orizashi (and its color); and to sewn up an inner pad on the right hand (if you want it to be sewn on both left/right Kote as well just tell us a in a note with your order, or by email). 

* Please be aware in case of choosing indigo-dyed Futon, the brown leather will become stained with it.

* By default, the overall Kazari-ito color is white, but when selecting the indigo-dyed Futon option the Kazari-ito color used will be black.

* Tsubasa brand KINJISHI in a nutshell: Old-school inspired appearance. Focused on protection, comfort and durability, with customizable options.

* Optimal/suggested use: Training. 

Maintenance: After each use, just spray/sparkle some water on the Futon (cotton-fabric, not the leather area) where sweat concentrated the most, and let the Futon dry before the next use (without long period in direct sunlight). Also stretch the Tenouchi (palms) before drying, to avoid wrinkles on its surface, which could lead to holes when the palms are completely dried. In case of dry weather, it is recomended to spray water droplets before using the gear, only on the futon area, and apply Mink Oil or Leather Cream on the palms one time per 2 weeks or when you feel it's necessary (let it dry before use). (!) Do not expose the Bogu to direct sunlight for prolongated time. (!) If you wash your Bogu parts, avoid submerging the Menbuchi (the outer ring made of black lacquered leather, where the Mengane or metal cage is connected to the Futon). And remember, a very dry Bogu (specially in dry weather) will lose its flexibility, becoming prone to break apart.



We make a quality check after the products are finished at the workshop and before preparing the shipment, but in case that something was overlooked or one of the products from another maker has some kind of malfunction, and if you find any trouble with your purchase after receiving it, contact us immediately to help you out. If you think there is a problem after using all the purchased items for a while, you can also write to us, and we will analyze your case to check if we could offer you a solution in the way of repair, exchange, refund or a compensation in case it corresponds depending of the problem. But please be aware that not only all the protective gear that is used wrongly or in extreme situations will be damaged. Due to the normal use (sweat, friction, hits) and to the weather (direct sunlight, dryness, humidity) impacts over time, it is assumed that the condition of the product will decrease. Before contacting us, take the aforementioned into consideration, and if we found out the cause or reason of the problem is not due to a defective product or manufacture error, there will be no replacement, repair, refund or compensation whatsoever. *Products that have been subject to embroidery or customizations are not eligible for return, but can be repaired if necessary.
Main Materials:
Japanese cotton fabric, thick woven cotton, smoked deer leather
Tsubasa Budogu
Tsubasa Brand
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