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Tsubasa Budogu's original Tenugui, Made in Japan.
IKOTENYOKU - It's a Yojijukugo (four-character idiomatic phrase), and it means to give wings to a tiger, so nobody can be stronger than it. In other words, to bolster the power of the strong. In Budo, even if we have achieved a high level of expertise, there is always the possibility to become more knowledgeable, stronger and better. Usually we need to push ourselves, with perseverance, to improve, but sometimes we just need creativity or a piece of advice that helps us to discover or to awake new skills, like the wings to the tiger.

100% Cotton, dyed in Japan.
Easy to tie due to its 1 meter of length and 34 cm of width.

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Main Materials:
100% Cotton
Tsubasa Budogu
Tsubasa Budogu
1 meter length x 34 cm width


  • 5
    Just as expected

    Posted by Caroline on 23rd May 2024

    Beautiful print, great size as I could find a frame that fits it perfectly. It's now providing inspiration on my wall.

  • 5
    Great tenugui

    Posted by Kostas Kousataroglou on 23rd Oct 2023

    This tenugui meets the high standard kendo equipment.

  • 5
    Japanese customer

    Posted by YAMA E. on 12th Sep 2023

    It was so beautiful that I was doubting of using it or not in Keiko.