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Kensuta "My first Kendo Uniform Set".
A navy color light weight Jersey Hakama and Jersey Kendogi specially made for young kids. Super easy to wear and the Hakama gives a beautiful silhouette due to its sewed pleats, no feet-separation inside and an Obi-Himo with magic-tape; recommended for kids between 1 year old and before entering school (5 or 6 years old).

This set is available in 3 sizes:
S (Kendogi width 32 cm, length 40 cm / Hakama length from the Koshiita to the bottom 40 cm)
M (Kendogi width 34 cm, length 44 cm / Hakama length from the Koshiita to the bottom 45 cm)
L (Kendogi width 36 cm, length 47 cm / Hakama length from the Koshiita to the bottom 49 cm)

* Easy to mantain: It can be washed normally (we suggest to put it in a net when usig a laundry machine). The size does not shrink and the color does not fade.

We make a quality check after the products are finished at the workshop and before preparing the shipment, but in case that something was overlooked or one of the products from another maker has some kind of malfunction, and if you find any trouble with your purchase after receiving it, contact us immediately to help you out. If you think there is a problem after using all the purchased items for a while, you can also write to us, and we will analyze your case to check if we could offer you a solution in the way of repair, exchange, refund or a compensation in case it corresponds depending of the problem. But please be aware that not only all the protective gear that is used wrongly or in extreme situations will be damaged. Due to the normal use (sweat, friction, hits) and to the weather (direct sunlight, dryness, humidity) impacts over time, it is assumed that the condition of the product will decrease. Before contacting us, take the aforementioned into consideration, and if we found out the cause or reason of the problem is not due to a defective product or manufacture error, there will be no replacement, repair, refund or compensation whatsoever.
Main Materials:
Jersey fabric
Overall Weight:
S: approx. 330 gr / M: approx. 350 gr / L: approx. 370 gr