Tsubasa-A Cowhide Mune + Shokko - Hand Painted Fiber Do

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Assembled Te-Nuri Mushikui fiber-Do with a Tsubasa-A Kazari, Gyukongawa Mune
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Navy cowhide Mune, Tsubasa-A Kazari with 3 types of Shokko: Noukon Nanamezashi (dark navy diagonal stitching), Bishamon and Namichidori (both in navy with metallic blue). It has a 2 Hon-Ashi (2 Kazari stripes on both sides; the top one in metallic blue), assembled to a hand painted Mushikui fiber Dodai, which is lighter than a 50 pcs plastic Dodai.

- Hiraki (horizontal backspace): 39 cm

- Maximum Do's Height: 39 cm

- Recommended as a thin L size (up to 173 cm of height and 85cm of waist). 

* Check the pictures for the actual product. The diagonal stitches are not so clean, which is the reason for the discounted price. We took some closer pictures so you can be absolutely sure of what you are getting without any surprises.

* The colors may seem different, particularly of the Mune, and change depending of the tone of light and its reflection on the Mune's surface.

* If you want this item in another size/color or if it's out of stock, you can still request it as an ordermade Do (manufacturing time: 2 months approximately, and can be made to your exact size and customized as you wish!).

This is an outlet product: Note that the item cannot be replaced nor exchanged. We do not accept returns of outlet products. By purchasing it you acknowledge that even in the case of any imperfection, malfunction or defect, this item will not be refunded.
Tsubasa Budogu
Available sizes:
L (Hiraki 39 cm)
Manufacture & Assembling:
Mune: Laos / Dodai and assembling: Japan